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Need a 3-4 paper based on attached article, instructions are as follows:

Read Song, Demuth, and Morgan (2018) and answer the
following four prompts. (You may answer each question independently, meaning you do not need to write in
essay format):
1. What point(s) were the authors trying to make and how did this article help contribute to the field of
language development?
2. Did the author provide substantive support for his/her position? What sort of evidence would make
the authors’ case stronger?
3. Do all of the conclusions drawn make sense based on the results? Explain your answer.
4. Describe one conclusion that was directly drawn from the analysis of the results, and one which was
more speculative?

(Pick one item below)
I would like to
o see an example of:
o hear more about:
o get clarification on:


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