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Completethe Terminology and Stakeholders worksheet. You will define the provided terminology as well as identify and describe various stakeholders in the health care payer system.

List and describe at Terminology and Stakeholders

Definethe following terms using your text or other resources. Cite all resources according to APA guidelines.



Resource Used

Time value of money

Efficient market

Primary versus secondary market

Risk-return tradeoff

Agency (principal and agent problems)

Market information and security prices and information asymmetry

Agile and lean principles

Return on investment

Cash flow and a source of value

Project management

Outsourcing and offshoring

Inventory turnover

Just-in-time inventory (JIT)

Vender managed inventory (VMI)

Forecasting and demand management

least five stakeholders in the health care payer system.


Description (at least 50 words each)

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