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Constructing an IndexIn this assignment, you will learn about indexes and other research indicators and study their usefulness in research. Using the Internet, research the following:Constructing an I

Constructing an Index

In this assignment, you will learn about indexes and other research indicators and study their usefulness in research.

Using the Internet, research the following:

  • Constructing an Index
  • Research Indicators

To complete this assignment, you will construct an index with information about several occupations.

Include the following six occupations in your index:

  • Long-distance truck driver
  • Financial accountant
  • Registered nurse
  • Airplane mechanic
  • School janitor
  • Musician (in a local rock band)

Use the following scale to answer the following seven questions on the characteristics of each occupation.


  • 2—Definitely yes
  • 1—Sometimes or somewhat
  • 0—No


  • Does it pay a good salary?
  • Is the job secure from layoffs or unemployment?
  • Is the work interesting and challenging?
  • Does it offer good working conditions (e.g., hours, safety, and time away from home)?
  • Are there opportunities for career advancement and promotion?
  • Is it prestigious or looked up to by others?
  • Does it permit self-direction and the freedom to make decisions?

Total the seven answers for each of the occupations. Each occupation will have a score of zero to fourteen. Which occupation had the highest and which had the lowest score?

The seven questions are an operational definition of the construct,  good occupation. Each question represents a subpart of a theoretical definition. A different theoretical definition would result in different questions, perhaps more than seven.

Creating indexes is so easy that you must be careful that every item in the index has face validity. Items without face validity should be excluded. Each part of the construct should be measured with at least one indicator. Of course, it is better to measure the parts of a construct with multiple indicators.

Based on the exercise, answer the following questions briefly in a Microsoft Word document:

  • What is a construct and why is it important in research?
  • What is included in a theoretical definition of a construct?
  • Define face validity and explain its importance.
  • What is the definition of research indicators and how are they used in research?

Include your index in the document.

Support your responses with relevant examples.

Using APA format, cite any sources you use appropriately throughout the paper and reference on a separate page.

Submission Details:

1. Attach a Turnitin.com Report.


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