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According to social critic Douglas Rushkoff, the marketing industry studies young people and then sells
them a certain culture, such as what to wear, what to like, and how to act. As a result, he says, young
people don’t have a chance to develop an authentic culture of their own. Rushkoff discusses this in the
video The Merchants of Cool:https://allaplusessays.com/order(Links to an external site.)Rushkoff asks: “How can teens develop their own culture when each new idea is co- opted and sold back
to them before it’s had a chance to mature?”After visiting the websitehttps://https://allaplusessays.com/order
Answer the following questions:
What do you think of Rushkoff’s analysis?
Do you think young people in the United States develop their own culture, or does the marketing industry
sell them a culture?
Give at least two examples of trends (such as a fashion item, a band, or even a hot new career), and
explain whether you think they are authentic or whether they have been co-opted by marketers.
How does our current generation identify with the media?

The Living Conditions of U.S.- Born Children of Mexican Immigrants in Unmarried Families GuidesorSubmit my paper for examination mexican immigrint Article Info: “The Living Conditions of U.S.- Born Children of Mexican Immigrants in Unmarried Families” by Y. C. Padilla, M. D. Radey, R. A. Hummer and E. Kim. Distributed in Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 2006; 28; 331. Theoretical In the United States of America, there are different hardships looked by worker youngsters. These hardships may differ contingent upon the starting point of the settlers. The present paper is planned for examining an article, “The Living Conditions of U.S.- Born Children of Mexican Immigrants in Unmarried Families,” distributed in the “Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences.” The investigations introduced in the article exhibit that the offspring of foreigners of Mexican beginning are inclined to high dangers of a financial sort inside US society. The paper focuses on the offspring of migrants of Mexican beginning, and all the more explicitly, those that live in unmarried families. Mexican settlers, much of the time, have significantly lower levels of business, or are jobless, just as their training level is minimal.PNI Migrants dropped at Greyhound transport stations Foundation Utilizing data from kid prosperity considers and delicate families, the writer of the article contends that the offspring of Mexican guardians are at a higher danger of different hardships. Their maternal wellbeing profile, just as the poor financial arrangement in which they live will unfavorably influence the development of these kids (Brandon, 2002). Aside from the trademark social issues confronting workers, for example, a language hindrance, social contrasts, and newness to cultural standards, single guardians are presented to different issues. These issues identify with the prosperity of their youngsters, and the method of bringing them up in an effectively hostile condition for their folks. This opens kids to different detriments when contrasted with offspring of a solitary parent who are conceived in the US. The article expresses that kids raised in a solitary parent arrangement are presented to neediness. As indicated by DeVanas-Walt, Proctor and Mills, (2004), the accompanying examination delineates the circumstance on the ground. When contrasted with wedded families, near 30 percent of youngsters in a solitary parent setting were underneath the neediness level, though a pitiful five percent from wedded families were beneath this destitution level (Schmidley, 2001). Scrutinize The key focuses tended to in the article are the issues confronting the offspring of single guardians of Mexican starting point. In any case, the key concerns, for example, the openness of medical advantages for these youngsters and their families are not very much tended to. One proposal is that arrangements created to affect the soundness of workers must be followed since it impacts the prosperity of the whole family. Proper suggestions must be created remembering the interests of the foreigners, just as the administration. Hypothetical Value of the Article The hypothetical estimation of the article is the consideration it attracts to different issues influencing the offspring of single parents that are local to Mexico. In contrast to the proposals by wellbeing specialists, Mexican moms once in a while look for pre-birth care before the finish of the primary trimester in their pregnancy. Be that as it may, it is intriguing to take note of this doesn’t influence the birth weight of the youngsters. Truly, the vast majority of these youngsters are brought into the world with a typical weight, contrasted with the remainder of the American populace. The dangers that these youngsters face in their creating stages are a direct result of the poor financial status of their folks. From these discoveries, unmistakably this status is the thing that ought to be routed to limit the dangers to which these kids are uncovered (Gershoff, Aber and Raver, 2003). Another point brought up in the article is the dread that exists in their folks concerning claims for benefits like the remainder of the American populace. This dread gets from the interest either for a proof of citizenship, or for their situation, legitimate proof of outsider status. The dread of expelling and the unfavorable results to their family members keeps them from applying for profits by the administration, paying little heed to their status. This situation depicts the cultural methodology and conduct to legislative guidelines (Lessard and Ku, 2003). The guardians would prefer to miss government advantages and hazard the prosperity of their youngsters than disillusion their relatives through expulsion and other extreme outcomes (Guendelman, 2000). The perusing is identified with conduct speculations in that it attempts to separate the data concerning the difficulties looked by these youngsters into little justifiable bits of data. To fortify this data, factual proof has been given to help the announcements made all through the article. To verify the assertions made in the article, perceptions are incorporated to build up a far reaching model of the examination discoveries. Conduct ideas that watch out for the emotional well-being of the hindered kids in US society are fused in the article, where rousing activities are recommended to change the circumstance, limiting the dangers to which these youngsters are inclined (Sherraden and Barrera, 2006). An Evaluation of the Reading The whole article is composed with the interests of the migrants’ future conduct as a primary concern. It tends to different components that expansion the danger of American conceived youngsters, of Mexican settler guardians who are not hitched, contrasted with those having a place with American conceived moms. It distinguishes the main explanation behind this worry as the detachment of medical advantages to settlers and their kids, through either terrorizing or guidelines (Camarota, 2001). The article likewise proposes that arrangement improvement influencing the wellbeing and advancement of workers ought to be tended to, since it influences the strength of both American conceived and remote conceived youngsters in these families (Reardon-Anderson, Capps and Fix, 2002). Be that as it may, the article neglects to create solid proposals while in transit to push ahead concerning different issues. For social work specialists, human conduct according to their early stages is basic. Mexican settler kids are inclined to financial difficulties that are not of their own creation. The article proposes that this situation can’t be changed to improve the future advancement of these youngsters, which is deluding. The social condition assumes a job in the improvement of a kid. Be that as it may, it ought not be utilized as a reason for defending a person’s prosperity (Dinan, 2005). The Horney’s connection hypothesis underpins the discoveries in the article. The connection hypothesis clarifies that for the typical improvement of a youngster, there must be a cozy connection between in any event one parental figure and the kid. The guardian can be the kid’s parent or something else. The way that youngsters, destined to single guardians, can just form a relationship with one parent, is genuine. With regards to Mexican outsider moms, they are not accessible for this help in the ordinary social and enthusiastic advancement of youngsters. These settler moms for the most part work in non-proficient occupations that are tedious, and disregard their kids. Over half are in administration occupations, and near 30% are in the process of giving birth occupations. This leaves the youngsters without a parental figure to build up a cozy relationship with to encourage typical turn of events.>

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