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Write 25 page essay on the topic Consistency in Building and Fire Plan Review.

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This simple work is humbly dedicated to my loving wife Tami, and my inspiration Ronnie and Emily Salvaggio.

R. S.



ACKNOWLEDGEMENT —————————————————————–3

DEDICATION ——————————————————————————4



1. INTRODUCTION —————————————————————-9

Statement of the Problem —————————————————-10

Significance of the Study —————————————————10

Theoretical Framework of the Study ————————————-11

Hypotheses ——————————————————————-11

Scope and Delimitation of the Study ————————————-12

DEFINITION OF TERMS ————————————————-12


RELATED LITERATURE ————————————————13

3. METHODOLOGY ————————————————————-17

The Research Method ——————————————————17

The Study Area…

The researcher’s friends: Chesterfield County Virginia Commercial plan review Division. Jeff Ughi, City of Cherryville, NC. Bonnie S. Terra, Fire Marshal, Alameda County Fire Department, Vandergriff, Mike Ashley, and Gary who in their simple ways contributed to the completion of this work. and

Above all, the researcher’s supportive children, Ronnie and Emily who have sacrificed by giving him the inspiration and encouragement to pursue higher goals in his career, and his loving wife Tami, who was always there to sustain him all the way, from the achievement of his college degree to the completion of this manuscript as a firefighter.

To determine the need for the development of a unified plan review check list is the interest of this study. This will be used by new fire plan inspectors of Collier County Fire Code Official’s Office. The consistent chart will largely increase the reduction of multiple rejections. It will also facilitate the issuance of permits for building occupancy. Plus, this will ensure accuracy of gathered information.

An identical evaluation measure would resolve inconsistencies resulting from the increasing number of evaluators.

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