This assignment build on the previous assignment that is also attached named explore topic areas. the instruction for the assignment and grading rubric is titled #4 literature review. There is also a sample assignment for your to use as an example for this assignment. the completed assignment should be four page. Thank you ,. .,


#4 Literature Review

The purpose of this assignment is to collect and explore research that will support the student’s presentation of the chosen topic for the Final Policy Analysis.

A valuable tool to help you assess research is the literature review. Completing a literature review will give you a vast amount of knowledge on your topic and will aid in the creation of your next assignment: Health Policy Analysis.

For this assignment, you will pick one of the three bills that you previously summarized in the Exploring Topic Areas assignment and construct a literature review based upon the current and controversial healthcare issue that this bill is focused on. You will need to include a minimum of  four research articles in this literature review. [Please see attached Sample LR]

A literature review provides an overview of a particular topic or problem by summarizing and explaining the most important points or statements in the research studies presented.

Structure: These sources are integrated into paragraphs based upon the progression of the overview. The sources are often mentioned more than once.

Components: A literature review uses an introduction to explain the topic and synthesizes the sources progressively as the topic is explained through the body. The paper concludes by summarizing the overall background presented.

Audience: This assignment should be directed at your scholarly peers, and you may assume that they have only a casual familiarity with your topic or issue.

Content/Subject: Your literature review will consist of  four of the best  research sources that will allow you to examine where the authors agree and/or disagree in relationship to your chosen topic.

A literature review uses any or all of the following to organize the sources;

· problem and solution

· cause and effect

· comparison and contrast

· classifications and division

Be consistent throughout your paper so that the literature review will direct the reader to a particular understanding of the research as it relates to the topic.

Constraints:  The literature review is a rigid genre.  Your paper must adhere to APA format.  This will be one of the central components of the grade for this assignment.  Failure to follow APA format exactly will harm your grade. Please use the APA sample paper template in the Student Resources Tab in this course.

Literature Review: Below is a different diagram of what should be happening in the main part of your paper. In-between the article comparisons you will include related discussion on the main points that you want to come out by using these articles.

So, you will introduce the topic, then launch 1) a brief summary of the main point that you took from your research/literature/journal/scientific study [it must be that level of material]. 2) Next you will compare and contrast the points to each other both positive and negative as it aids or clashes with the focus of the topic that you have chosen.

Another example: Lay out for Literature Review


Body part 1

1. Topic sentence explaining the information being presented.

2. Evidence:

a) Summary and citation of Source C [Smith and Jones, (2018)]

b) Summary and citation of source A [Brady, (2017)]

3. Discussion synthesizing the sources and elaboration on the frame work.

Transition to the next part of the topic.

Body part 2

4. Topic sentence explaining the information being presented.

5. Evidence:

a. Summary and citation of Source E [Clark and Elliott, (2016)]

b. Summary and citation of source B [VanVerend and Oolong, (2020)]

6. Discussion synthesizing the sources and elaboration on the frame work.

Transition to the next part of the topic.

Body part 3- OPTIONAL  to go for extra- just make sure not to exceed length by more than 1/2 page.

Body paragraph 3

7.  Topic sentence explaining the information being presented.

8.  Evidence:

c.  Summary and citation of Source D [Long (2017)]

d.  Summary and citation of source C [Smith and Jones]

9.  Discussion synthesizing the sources and elaboration on the frame work. 

Transition to conclusion.












Citation &   Summary X 4 articles



Relationship to   each other;

Discussion & Synthesis X 4



Transition to next   section



Layout, APA   formatting et al., Reference page, Cover page-ALL



Grammar, spelling,   punctuation, sentence structure, citations, references