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Final Research Paper: Disease & Nutrition

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Part I The Diet

Include the following in Part I:

• Criterion 1: Determine if the person’s diet is deficient or in excess of CHO, PRO, and fat

and explain why.

• Criterion 2: Explain in detail how the person’s diet meets or does not meet the RDA for

five or more micronutrients.

Part II Disease and Nutrition

Include the following in Part II:

• Criterion 1: Explain how the person’s diet would affect the patient’s disease symptoms

and progression. Provide a minimum of three examples of how specific foods affect the

disease pathophysiology. Provide examples of foods the person should avoid, and those

he/she should consume.

• Criterion 2: Explain how food interacts with the medications this patient takes. What are

the nutrient-related side effects of the medication? What are the nutrient restrictions and

recommendations for the medications?

o Example: Iron supplements cause constipation, so people are

advised to increase fiber foods; however, if a person is taking fiber

with iron, the fiber will reduce the absorption of the iron thus

decreasing the effectiveness of the iron.

Part III Patient Education

Include the following in part III:

• Criterion 1: Calculate the following for the patient: BMI, BMR, CHO, PRO, and fat

needs and any other relevant calculations that will help you develop a nutritional plan for

your patient.

• Criterion 2: Develop an evidence-based nutritional education plan with three SMART

goals for your patient. Provide specific nursing strategies and examples for the patient,

and consider all aspects of the patient’s lifestyle.





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Getting Started Tips

Some common diets in the United States:

• Paleo diet


• Diabetic

• Hemodialysis

• Vegetarian

• Atkins

A few recommended peer-reviewed journals:

• Journal of American Medical Association

• Lancet

• Journal of American Dietetic Association

* You may not use WebMD or any Wiki sources. Check with your instructor or librarian to

confirm that your sources are credible and scholarly. Your librarians are here to help you with

your research questions!

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