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Write a 5–7-page assessment in which you examine the controversy related to research and ethics in the field of social psychology.
Ethics In Research

Write a 5–7-page assessment in which you examine the controversy related to research and ethics in the field of social psychology.

It is essential to be able to critically analyze the research methods used in studies, in order to weigh the validity of the conclusions or recommendations.

Suggested Resources
The following optional resources are provided to support you in completing the assessment or to provide a helpful context. For additional resources, refer to the Research Resources and Supplemental Resources in the left navigation menu of your courseroom.

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Pressure to Conform | Transcript
The following e-books or articles from the Capella University Library are linked directly in this course. Note: Some of the articles listed are fairly old and are included here because they are considered seminal works in the field.

Bandura, A., Ross, D., & Ross, S. A. (1961). Transmission of aggression through imitation of aggressive models. The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 63(3), 575–582.
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Wilson, C. M., & Christensen, B. K. (2012). Ethical issues relevant to the assessment of suicide risk in nonclinical research settings. Crisis, 33(1), 54–59.

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