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You are the nursing information technology consultant for a healthcare organization. The organization wants to learn more about a computerized DSS either for purchase or for strategizing about how they can use their existing DSS application more efficiently and effectively. The DDS you select for this project may be one you are familiar with and have used or one from a vendor site that provides advanced nursing practice decision support in a healthcare managerial administrative research or clinical area.
Describe the problem (the difference between a perceived condition and a desired condition) the computerized DSS is being considered or currently used to solve in the healthcare setting of your choice. Include background information and rationale as to why this DSS was selected to solve the problem.
2.Describe the functional components and structures of the DSS.
?vendor name and location on the Web
?systems architecture/configuration and how it works
?whether the DSS is PC client server or mainframe based
c. Discuss how the DSS supports advanced nursing practice decision making by specifying the objectives and key decisions to be supported by the DSS
3.Agency Utilization of DSS
1.Identify the type of healthcare agency the DDS is currently being used as well as other types of agencies where this system can be utilized.
2.Identify the key decision makers in the agency the positions held in the organization and scope of their authority to make decisions regarding the DSS. What role did these people have in the identification of the problem?
3.Discuss any problems encountered at the agency with regards to:
?communication issues that have arisen between the systems
?security and privacy issues related to the selected DSS
?Describe the problem and include strategies to address these problems that the organization has in place; include what else could be done.
3.DSS Product Use
1.Identify the type of data and data sources used for the computerized DSS
2.Discuss the information requirements for decision making concerning the selected problem. Identify potential sources for this information.
Include the following categories in that discussion:
3.Describe how this system communicates with other systems within the institution
4.Scholarly Writing


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