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Clearly identify the problem and specific statistics from your community related to this problem. You may use city or county data. For example if you choose tobacco use, you should find the tobacco use rate in your city or county.


Utilize at least one scholarly reference (not assigned in this course) to describe how SBIRT is used with this specific addiction/problem. Identify specific steps and questions that are used. Describe at least one video that demonstrates SBIRT related to the addiction you chose. Cite all sources.

Problem Description

Utilize one scholarly reference (not assigned in this course) to describe this problem. Discuss reasons why this may be a problem in your community. Cite all sources.

Community Resources

Describe at least two community resources that are available to which you may refer people who have been identified as having a problem or potential problem. Provide the names of these resources and brief descriptions. Use online resources if community resources are not available.



Provide all references for all sources utilized in APA format. Please note that a hanging indent is not needed.

Name, Course, Term

Provide a summary of y our findings. Discuss the use of SBIRT in nursing practice.

Insert photo, graphic or chart to increase visual appeal.

Note: Please replace the placeholder text with your own! You do not need to print your poster. Instead, submit it as a file.


This poster is 48” wide by 36” high. It’s designed to be printed on a large-format printer.

Customizing the Content:

The placeholders in this poster are formatted for you. Type in the placeholders to add text, or click an icon to add a table, chart, SmartArt graphic, picture or multimedia file.

To add or remove bullet points from text, just click the Bullets button on the Home tab.

If you need more placeholders for titles, content or body text, just make a copy of what you need and drag it into place. PowerPoint’s Smart Guides will help you align it with everything else.

Want to use your own pictures instead of ours? No problem! Just right-click a picture and choose Change Picture. Maintain the proportion of pictures as you resize by dragging a corner.

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