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Laboratory Reports
Laboratory reports will be considered in two categories. The short report will
include only a brief description of the experiment whereas the long (or formal) report will
include a description that conforms to the standards of American Chemical Society
(ACS) journals (such as the Journal of Physical Chemistry A). Both long and short
reports must contain a complete data analysis and error analysis. While the format of the
short report is not rigid, the elements of the long report are as follows:
1. Title
2. Abstract
a. The abstract is a brief description of the experiment including a) a
statement of what is to be measured, b) the method by which it will be
measured and c) the results of the measurement. Points will be taken off if
the abstract is too long (because it contains extra information that is not
appropriate to include here) or if any of the above information is missing.
3. Introduction
a. Theory and relevance. Make sure you introduce any equations and models
that are used in the analysis of the data.
4. Experimental Section
a. Procedure
b. Data
c. Graphs of Raw Data
5. Results and Discussion
a. Data Analysis and Discussion
i. Tables of results
ii. Graphs of data that require significant calculation
b. Error Analysis and Discussion
6. References
a. Must be complete (refer to all materials used) and cited properly within
the lab report.
Lab reports should be word-processed. Graphs should always be presented no smaller
than half a page, with axes labeled clearly and with proper indication of units.


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