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Two Different Topics (will be specified in the order requirements)

Order Description
These instructions are to be used for all the modules:

Please have the paper completely free from Plagiarism. In my previous order, one of the papers had plagiarism in it.
I have chosen 60 references for both assignments, please use 30 references for each.
The references should be (as stated in my previous order):
Recent- up to date
And a variety of books, journals, articles…etc.

1- Please read the attached document carefully, it is very Important for me to get an A-A++, so I would please like you to follow the instructions on how to get an A-A++ on this attachment.
2- The attachment describes everything.
3- The MOST important part of writing this paper, is for it to be “CRITICAL”, the tutor has emphesized ALOT about writing this paper CRITICALLY. So not just writing literature, but taking the literature from the different references and analysing them and being CRITICAL with adding your own opinion- so that it shows you have understood what you read from all those 25-30 references.
4- There has to be an example that glues all the literature together, and apply the theories.
5- The quotations shouldnt be more than 10% of the whole paper.
When using a quotation, please explain how it is related to the subject.

6- The paper should not be more than 2500 words. The introduction is 10% (250 words), the main body is 80% (2000 words) and the conclusion is 10% (250 words).
7- Please try to have RECENT references, not old ones.
So if using text books, please have recent text books. Recent academic journals and articles.
8- The sources should be: Relevant, Credible, Recent and a different range.
9- The essay should be ANALYTICAL (shows the strength and weaknesses of the subject for example), and MUST include Supportive evidence.
10- PLEASE PLEASE follow all these instructions above carefully. Thank you very much.
I will provide you with the name of the text book for each subject, please use it as a reference as well.

Module 1:
HRM in Context: Resourcing, Performance and Assessment

Please see attachment 1 for instructions for this assignment.

Answer question number 3:
Compare and contrast structured versus unstructured employment interviews in terms of their validity and reliability. Explain why structured interviews might be more valid and reliable in terms of their predictive validity.
In your answer, please consider how structured and unstructured interviews may differ in terms of their usability, reliability and validity in predicting employees performance.

* Your answer should draw from the extensive literature on personnel selection, the reading materials for this module ( I will provide them later)… as well from additional readings and references to key articles and publications. Please demonstrate knowledge and understanding about these two selection procedures as well as critically discuss the major concerns associated with their reliability and predictability of employees performance in current changing environments.
Please break down the question, and assess what is actually required in each part.

Please use those two text books as references and the supplementary reading materials:

· Redman T., Wilkinson T., (2009). Contemporary Human Resource Management, Text and Cases, FT/Prentice Hall 3rd Edition
· McKenna, E., Beech, N. (2013) Human Resource Management: A Concise Analysis. Prentice hall, 3rd Edition.
Supplementary reading (Use whatever is relevant only):

· Anderson, N (2007), (Ed.). Fundamentals in Human Resources Management. Four-volume major works set. London: Sage.

· Rousseau D. (1995). Psychological Contracts in Organizations: Understanding Written and Unwritten Agreements. Thousand Oaks, CA:Sage

· Marchington, M & Wilkinson, A (2012). Human Resource Management at Work. CIPD: London, UK

· Pears, R. and Shields, G. (2008) Cite them right: the essential guide to referencing and plagiarism. Newcastle upon Tyne: Pear Tree Books.

Relevant academic journals:

Human Resource Management Journal; Personnel Psychology; International Journal of Selection and Assessment; Journal of HRM; International Journal of HRM; Journal of Management; Journal of Organizational Behavior; Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

Module 2:


* Please choose whatever question you can write about better from the two questions provided in attachment 2.

* It is very important to apply the instructions provided in the attachment:

(The essay should provide the state-of-the-art of the literature on this topic, based on relevant academic journal articles. A clear method should be elaborated for selecting the journals and articles to be analysed. Students should provide a critical review of the content of the articles analysed (aim & objectives; theoretical background; sample characteristics data analysis; findings). Conclusions, implications for entrepreneurs, limitations and future research directions should be elaborated in the final part of the essay. (2000 words recommended).

* Only 2000 words for this assignment.

* Please do not exceed the word count for each assignment.

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