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The Goals Project is in place of a final exam. Please put effort into this assignment and use this to help guide your future and remind you of how important your education is to achieving your dreams.

Read Chapter 10 - to help you define your values, which will help you align your goals.

You may be creative with your project and create your project how you wish. I have seen students create their own personal vision board with pictures of goals, along with inspirational quotes. The pictures can be graphics from the computer, or if you are an artist, you can draw your goals. By creating a vision board, you can use your inspirational board everyday as you work towards your goals! I have also seen students create groupings or bullet points of each goal describing them, and including pictures. Be sure to include your reflection paragraph. These are just some examples of what your goal project could look like.

See below attachment for the complete instructions of your Final Goal Project.


To give you a visual of what your goal project can look like, see below examples.

EXAMPLES of Student Goal Projects:

-please read first and follow her steps

Goals Assignment

This assignment is worth 50 points. It is the capstone of the course. Please put effort into this assignment. You should complete part 1 of the goals assignment first.

  • WHAT – You will be asked to summarize all of your personal life goals. These goals should be listed on the index cards you completed.
  • CONTENT – Your report must have your life goals: personal/intrinsic, travel (remember the travel abroad programs), major, career, educational (AA, BA, and graduate school), transfer, relationships/family, friends, monetary, health, etc. (see rubrics for details) Remember to think OUT OF THE BOX...this is your life so brainstorm and have FUN.
  • REPORT – You will submit the report in the final week of class. Please type the report and include the following sections:
  • Report

    Include a title page, pictures, graphics, or charts used to add interest to your report.


    Check spelling, grammar, and readability. You might want someone to proofread your report.

    Goal #1 Education

    You might want to include a detailed education plan. Explain what type of student you plan to be and action steps you will take to achieve your education goals.

    Goal #2 Career

    What is your ultimate career and what jobs or internships you might need to get you there. What kind of salary do you expect to earn from your occupation? How much education will you need for this career?

    Goal #3 Relationships

    Explain whom you want to have a relationship with: family, friends, and coworkers. Also include the type of relationship and how you plan to develop this relationship.

    Goal # 4 Monetary

    Specific, measurable and dated time line list of all assets, financial accounts and possessions. Also include how these goals will be obtained.

    Goal #5 Life Experiences

    Achievements and experiences to include but not limited to travel, skills, and performances. You might want to include a time line to illustrate your achievement goals.

    Goal #6 Health

    Include specific steps to improve or maintain your health. Discuss how you plan to manage stress and pursue holistic wellness.

    Goal #7 Miscellaneous

    Add any goals that are important to you: such as travel, adventures and fun activities.


    Addresses your thoughts, feelings, life changes you need to make, your determination, how the goals relate to each other, and the scheduling/reality of the goals.

    1. Cover page

    2. List of your goals by:
    a. Category (travel, major, education, career, personal, relationships, money, health and any that you want to add)
    b. Time (6 month, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, lifetime)

    3. The report should be 3-5 pages depending on your style. Some students prefer to write in narrative form and some prefer to create lists and charts.

    4. SUMMARY - Please do not forget a reflection paragraph. How do you feel about your goals? Can you schedule these goals into your life? What current life changes will you need to make in order to accomplish your goals? (Do you need to stop procrastinating or study more and watch less TV?)

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