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Which nursing intervention is appropriate to use for the nursing diagnosis Deficient knowledge related to initiation of new medications for treatment of anxiety?

a.           Consult the health care provider to come and explain the medications.

b.           Provide written materials about the medication.

c.            Administer all medications on time.

d.           Ask the family to explain the medication to the patient.


Which assessment supports the presence of alcohol intoxication?

a.           Slow, steady gait

b.           Intense focus on work

c.            Pale face

d.           Nystagmus


Which assessment findings indicate to the RN that a client is exhibiting symptoms of a moderate anxiety reaction?

a.           Chest pain, diaphoresis and fear of dying.

b.           Increased perception and restlessness.

c.            Palpitations and hyperventilation.

d.           Trembling, decreased concentration and gastric discomfort.


In which circumstance would it be appropriate for the RN to breach confidentiality?

 a.          A family member is requesting protected health information.

 b.          A neighbor asks the RN why the patient was admitted.

c.            A patient is a danger to themselves or others.

d.           A newspaper phones the hospital seeking information.


Following hospitalization, an older adult patient starts to wander the halls and becomes confused during the evening hours. The RN would anticipate the use of which medication to treat the symptoms?

 a.          galantimine (Razadyne)

 b.          haloperidol (Haldol)

 c.           fluoxetine (Prozac)

 d.          clonazepam (Klonopin)


A client with hypertension who takes a beta-blocker has been started on an MAOI after a poor therapeutic response to other classes of antidepressant medication. The RN educates the client the interaction of these two (2) medications could result in which side effect?

 a.          Seizures

 b.          Bradycardia

 c.           Increased bleeding

 d.          Tachycardia


What is the appropriate RN response to the adult daughter of a patient with the medical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease who asks the RN when the newly prescribed medication, donepezil (Aricept), will begin prevention of further degeneration for her mother?

a.           If this drug does not prevent deterioration, others can be prescribed.”

b.           “The drug does not alter the progress of the disease but temporarily relieves symptoms.”

c.            “It will take at least three months for the medication to take full effect.”

d.           “Blood tests will need to be performed periodically to ensure the correct dosage.”


What is the appropriate nursing action for the RN to take when caring for a patient with Anorexia Nervosa who insists on chewing each bite of food 25 times before swallowing?

 a.          Consult with the dietician for other food choices.

 b.          Talk to the patient about why this is occurring.

 c.           Tell the patient it is not necessary to chew that many times.

 d.          Do nothing as this ritual helps decrease anxiety.

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