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This assessment task will be based on the Case Study – “Ultratex supply chain”, which will be provided on Assignment 3 folder of Canvas. Each student will require to complete the assignment and submit the report on Canvas. 
The case analysis report provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned during the semester in the course. It requires you to analyse the problems and the likely causes of these problems. To support your answer, you may refer to lecture note (insert reference as RSL 2020 Lecture Note- week no.) and other authenticated sources. A bibliography of all articles and sources of information referenced in the report is mandatory. 
Please use the RMIT Business (AGPS) Harvard referencing style.
This assignment must be delivered in a report format containing:
– Title page
– Table of contents
– Introduction
– Case analysis (addressing questions) and discussion
– Recommendation
– Conclusion/
– Reference list
– Appendices (if any)
The report will be evaluated based on the following outline:
A. Introduction (brief); provide explanation of the case, the purpose of the report, key
terms/issues to discuss and the report structure. (2.5 marks)
B. Case analysis and discussion: Identify issues relevant to the questions and discuss
the situation/s using relevant knowledge area (covered in class) and references. (27 marks)
C. Recommendation: provide your recommendations and justifications where applicable (5 marks)
D. Conclusion: Summarise the major issues you have identified and conclude the answers in response including lessons learned. (2.5 Marks)
E. Others presentation; easy to follow/clarity of language, coverage and completeness, page numbers, table of contents, use of references and citation, conciseness. 


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