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Term Project Instructions

Supply Chain Management


The term project requires the study of the supply chain of one of the products listed below.



1.     Leather Goods (Handbags and purses or shoes)

2.     Furniture (Living room or dining room))

3.     Medical Supplies (Medicines)

4.     Cruise Lines

5.     Steel (Metal – not products)

6.     Liquor (Wine)

7.     Automobiles (Cars)

8.     Electronics (TVs or cameras or laptops or desktops)

9.     Food (Fruits or dairy products)

10.   Jewelry or Watches

11.   Any other item (Requires Professor’ approval)


The students can work in teams of no more than five students per team. The students make their own teams.  Each team will research and collect material and prepare a report. 


The report length should be a minimum of 25 pages including all graphs, tables and references. Use Times New Roman font (size 12) and double spacing. These specifications are independent of the number of students in the team.


The report should include at a minimum the following:


·       Major manufacturers/producers or service providers (for service industry, e.g. cruise lines).

·       Total output worldwide – divided by countries.

·       The import export statistics to show major producers and major consumers.

·       Pick up one of the manufacturers/service providers and study its SC in detail.  The details should focus on its vendors/suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

·       Draw the flow chart of the logistic showing the interactions between various partners involved in the supply chain.

·       Discuss major problems and issues in the supply chain.

·       Include, suggestions, if any, for making improvements.


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