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PICOT Question Paper


Liliane Kouame

Grand Canyon University















Hospital falls

My PICOT question is in a population of nursing home residents does a fall prevention protocol of hourly rounds compared with call lights at the bedside and bed in lowest position decrease the incidences of falls?

PICOT is an acronym for population, intervention, comparison, outcome, and time. “P” refers to population. Nursing home residents, who are at a greater risk for falls, are my population of interest. “I” refers to intervention. My primary intervention for fall prevention is rounding. My comparison to rounds would be patients utilizing call lights along with the bed being in the lowest position. The favorable outcome would be a diminution in the incidence of falls.

The time interval is 1 hour. The generation of my PICOT question can help yield appropriate information for research on fall prevention in a nursing home.

Problem description

The direction this PICOT statement paper will take is about shedding light on falls and falls prevention in hospitals and nursing homes population. Research has shown that elderly falls are currently an alarming issue across many United States hospitals concerning health and mobility (Bragg et al., 2016). Linehan & Linehan (2018), defines elderly fall as unexpected descent to the ground with or without injury to the patient. Studies have illustrated, people above 65 years are at a higher risk of falling, leading to both fatal and nonfatal injuries. Falls occurs in the elderly population either due to the decreasing function or due to deteriorating health. Some falls may not bring about injuries, yet practically all leave a characteristic of the lingering fear of being left immobility debilitated from a fall. There are higher chances of morbidity and mortality in nursing homes because falls result in more severe injuries (Araújo et al., 2017). Essentially, Bragg et al. (2016) say nursing homes have a higher rate of the elderly population having hip fractures as compared in the community. Therefore, these types of falls are considered a significant public health problem (Radecki, Reynolds & Kara, 2018).

The adverse effects of falls in the hospital affect not only the quality of care provided but also the facility work setting and patient outcomes. Considering how patient care outcomes are affected by falls, falls have been lagging the recovery process from inpatients in healthcare. As such, the injured patients from falls end up getting more health complications, including their psychological and social wellbeing (Araújo et al., 2017).

Accordingly, the patient’s recuperation period in the hospital is delayed and, consequently, extending their stay in a nursing facility. Hospital falls ate a deducting element to the quality of care, which forces providers to shift some quality of care gears delivered to patients in clinics. Hospital falls are a pointer for defining a lack of patient safety in a facility. Linehan & Linehan (2018) say the hospital’s reputation is influenced by the number of falls recorded. During the stay, compromised patient safety is the primary determiner why most nursing homes try to implement preventive strategies. Patients staying in an environment that potentially predispose them to live with the fear of falling is pronounced unsafe.

In summary, the safety of patients in their stay is guaranteed when a hospital implements falls preventive evidence-based practice. The adherence to these preventive programs is ensured when the organization as a whole promise to work collaboratively. Therefore, management should provide resources and support to nurses to ensure they are consistent with shift assessments, putting handoff and the bedside, and offering interventions that are not missed because of the overwhelming workload.


























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