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The World of an Informatics Nurse Paper Grading Rubric (NUR320)

Identify benefits for nurses who play a role in the selection process of an electronic medical

record. Observe and interview a registered nurse who holds a BSN degree or higher in their

practice environment to determine how this individual incorporates the use of informatics into

their practice.

This assignment should be based on your observations and written in APA format. Length 2 to 4

pages. Reference a minimum of 3 references supporting your observations. Finally, conclude

with a reflection of how to increase the awareness of nursing informatics to other clinical

professionals. You will use the reflection written in this assignment in your Challenge to

Innovation Presentation.

Criteria Comments Possible Score Student Score

1. Provide an

introductory paragraph,

summarizing experience

of interview in the

practice environment


2. Indicate the type of

electronic medical

record being observed

and provide a summary

of how the individual

uses informatics in



3. Briefly describe

electronic medical

record selection process

and include benefits of

nurse involvement in

selection process


4. Reflect on increasing

awareness of nursing



5. Cite at least three

scholarly resources 6

6. Writing skills-

grammar, spelling,

format, APA citations,

maximum 4 pages


Possible Score 60

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