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The final exam is attached. Please review and answer each part of the question. Most of the questions are two part. Make sure you answer each part to get full credit.


This examination is to test your knowledge and what you have learned from The Helping Process: Assessment to Termination.There are 30 short-answer questions, and each question is worth half of a point.




1.     Identify and describe the three parts of the assessment phase.




2.     Why is documentation such an important piece of the helping process?




3.     How is the strengths-based approach used in the assessment phase? Provide an example.




4.     Why is motivational interviewing considered a valuable interviewing strategy?




5.     Compare structured and unstructured interviews. What are the pros and cons of each?




6.     What is the definition of confidentiality, and how does it relate to the assessment phase?




7.     When evaluating a client’s application for services, how does a case manager determine eligibility?




8.     Explain the concept of listening during the intake interview. Why is it important for an intake interview to be effective?




9.     What are the five methods of responding? Provide a brief example of each.




10.  Choose an interviewing pitfall. Why can the pitfall hurt the interview?




11.  How would you describe plan development? Why it is important? Provide a brief example.




12.  What challenges do new case managers have when trying to establish information and referral systems? How can they meet those challenges?




13.  What are the advantages of a case manager keeping a feedback log?




14.  Describe the halo effect. How can a case manager prevent this from occurring?




15.  What are the differences between an achievement test and an aptitude test?




16.  What is the importance of client input during the planning process?




17.  How can medical exams and medical consultations help a case manager provide services to a client?




18.  What are the five axes of the DSM-IV-TR ®? Briefly describe each




19.  What are the advantages and limitations of a client’s social history report?




20.  What are the five models of mental illness? Provide a brief definition of each.




21.  What is the importance of a referral when coordinating services?




22.  How would you define resource selection? Provide an example of how resource selection might work for a client.




23.  To work effectively with other professionals, what skills does a case manager need?




24.  How would you define the roles of a broker and a mobilizer during the referral process?




25.  What is the importance of monitoring and reviewing services?




26.  How does a case manager evaluate client progress once services have been set into motion?




27.  How would you describe the four phases of behavior change? (pp. 206­–208)




28.  According to the textbook, what are the three roles of a helping professional? Briefly explain how each is used.




29.  Why is feedback important when evaluating direct services? Provide an example of feedback.




30.  What are three strategies case managers can use to determine whether a client is ready to terminate services?








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