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Transitioning From Closed to Open Systems - 9th March 2019

New task 

Type of Service coursework

Urgency 3 to 5 hours. 

No. of Pages/Wordcount 2 page(s)/550words

Citation Style

APA Style

Detailed Description/Explanation differentiate between open and closed systems.

Reflect on the practices and processes with which you are familiar in your organization. Identify one problematic issue or process that could be improved.

Consider the problem from a closed-system perspective. Then think about how the issue or process you selected could be addressed by viewing it from an open-system perspective. How would the transition from a closed- to an open-system view help you and others to address the problem and improve outcomes?

By Day 3

Post a description of the problem that you identified in your selected organization. Explain the problem from a closed-system perspective. Then, describe how the problem could be addressed by viewing it from an open-system perspective, and explain how this modification would help you and others improve health care outcomes.


Use the attached as sample only 

Don't edit. 

have been experiencing an issue with some writers. Every time, I submit a paper as a guide, I get more or less the same paper back with the writing amended. 

When I submit a paper I always specify it is to be used as a guide on the format. It is usually a fellow classmate's paper.

 I cannot submit the same paper redacted and edited.

 I have to submit something original, I cannot use the same situational example as my peers. 

So check the attached as a sample example 

Don't edit it and send it to me

Do your own copy. 

Below.is a file to act as a guide 




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