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In Week One Quest you will plan and research the advertising journey. You will begin to understand the competitive environment of the industry and your customer. You will learn how advertising influences behavior through the eyes of a brand. In this case, your brand is National University. For the four weeks of this class, your assignments will revolve around this premise. You are the Advertising Executive at National University and your Quest is to present to the board of directors the plan.

In Week 1, you will complete a report on "Today's Higher Education Advertising." Include examples of ads you found that illustrate this. The documents below are actual documents used by Higher Education Advertisers in 2018. You may not be an expert yet, but you will gain some good understanding from reviewing the PPT files and learning about current challenges, which will help through all four weeks of this class. You may also use NU library materials and peer reviewed content to support your insights.

This is a 2-3 page report using APA guidelines. See the Rubric for more detail on grading.

Be sure to review the Lynda.com video, Advertising Foundations, found in Course Resources.

Click on the "Week One Quest" link above to submit your assignment, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

Quest Research Rubric












Inability to thoughtfully introduce the topic and provide the reader with insight into the marketing research concepts that will be discussed in the paper.

Little evidence of interest in the topic. A bare minimum introduction exhibiting a lack of thoughtfulness and interest in creating a quality paper.

An introduction to the project that exhibits interest in the topic along with an ability to grab the reader’s interest.

An excellent introduction that exhibits interest in the research project and efforts to introduce the key marketing analysis.

Concept Development

Has not submitted a paper that exhibits meaningful marketing research concepts and analysis. This paper lacks any substantial effort to provide college-level work.

A bare minimum paper exhibiting a lack of enthusiasm about research and related marketing concepts. The research concepts developed in the paper are not according to the assignment and is marginally explained.

Includes a thoughtfully written analysis that develops a host of meaningful research concepts and illustrations that adequately explain the objectives and situation analysis.

Evidence of documented data and opinions, clear and concise development of concepts and conclusions. Exhibits critical thinking and offers marketing analysis of selected problem and organization with the situation.


The student is not able to transfer the essence of marketing ideas and analysis in a logical and thoughtful manner in order to conceptually develop an acceptable paper.

The paper evidence marketing knowledge, however, it exhibits
Few, if any, references to the core topics related to marketing. The text offers marginal compare/contrast of the chosen brands.

A paper that clearly evidences demonstration of marketing research concepts, techniques, and tools such as segmentation, legal and ethical standards of practice, and methods.

An outstanding paper is evidenced by valid and reliable research and demonstrates a thoughtfully crafted logical flow of information, including a solid understanding of concepts, techniques, and tools including legal and ethical standards.

Conclusions / Recommendations

The conclusions, if any, appear to be ill-conceived and written with little or no thought.

The conclusions are the bare minimum and may not represent a conclusion based on the theme or objective of the project. The recommendations may not be helpful or relevant.

Conclusions are thoughtfully crafted and based on the theme or objectives of the project and reflect the goals of the learning outcomes.

These students’ conclusions demonstrate an in-depth analysis of the content of the project and offer meaningful content and analysis of the findings, including clear recommendations based on those findings.


No credible sources are used. May or may not use APA style citations.

Uses only a few relevant sources. Bibliographic citations may or may not follow APA style.

Several resources are appropriately cited using APA style.

Includes a significant number of sources and correctly cited in the APA citation style.

Total: 100 Pts.Max

cited in the APA citation style.

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